Monday, July 21, 2008

Pizza Party / Potluck Friday

Attention Tang Soo Do Karate Institute Family and Friends:

Please be invited to our World Championship Celebration and Countdown to our California Regionals Championship Party this Friday.

What? Pizza Party / Potluck
Who? Everyone is invited
When? This Friday July 25th 7:00 pm
Where? Tang Soo Do Karate Institute 2269 Main St, 9 Chula Vista CA, 91911
Why? To celebrate our TSDKI's World Championship competitors home-coming
...and to commence countdown for the California Regional Championship to be held here in Chula Vista in October. We will begin organizing event volunteers for this project. Thanks for your support.

Pizza provided. Potluck is welcomed.
(World Championship participants should bring any awards won in Florida and uniform for the photo).


Sunday, July 20, 2008


Woooo! Woooo! Woooo!
Congratulations to our award winning Tang Soo Do Karate Institute competition team! They have recently returned from the World's Martial Arts Championship in Orlando, Fla. with Gold, High Honors, and Pride. On July 11-12th our team joined with over 2,000 WTSDA participants representing many countries for two days of martial arts competition skill and camaraderie. Sponsored by the World Tang Soo Do Association, the classic biannual event was held at Orlando's Orange County Convention Center. Our TSDKI team ranged from our very youngest member, three year old Giordano D'Ercole, to our most senior black belt members - Allen & Barbara Bellini, Sig Luther, and Leslie D'Ercole . Erik Stoke represented the junior black belts along with a talented squad of color belt ranks including; Alexis Stoke, Amanda Masumoto, Angelo D'Ercole, Erick Morales, Anica Bunag, Jeremy Bunag, Juzenne Cruz, Eric Berumen, Mae Stoke, Kevin Stoke, and Allyson Masumoto. Five year old Guillermo Paquian commanded the Little Dragons category. All were matched against other highly spirited USA and foreign competitors in weapons, free-sparring and forms categories with outstanding results. The medals tallied; (8) Gold, (9) Silver, and (9) Bronze! AWESOME!
In addition to the competition, several team members were involved with opening ceremonies demonstrations displaying dynamic women's self-defense skills, the unique world masters team-form, and a very entertaining pre-school children's show. Excitement and anticipation had been mounting since the beginning of the year with hours of focus-training and coaching to become the best they can be. Attitude is everything! The team was so pumped up with positive energy and ambition for success. Developing and applying this kind of mind-set and confidence are the real prizes here that you can take home and wear. Special recognition is given to our instructors; Leslie D'Ercole, Sig Luther and Barbara Bellini for their contagious spirit of excellence, infectious motivation, and model of sportsmanship. Congratulations!Now we are looking forward to our California Regional Championship scheduled for October 11th. The event will be held here in Chula Vista giving many more of our talented members the opportunity to experience the thrill of competition and to demonstrate their best.