Monday, October 20, 2008

TSDKI competes at Arizona Championship

The Arizona Region 2 Championship held this past October 18th included some visiting participants from TSDKI. Alejandro Perez, 1st gup, Andy Perez Cho DAN and BSBN Leslie D'Ercole SAM DAN made the six hour trek over the mountains and across the desert to the Phoenix area for a day of competition with our WTSDA neighbors. Region 2 is composed of five states of the greater Southwest; Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico. Black Belt divisions were the events early morning opening categories. With little rest, our team's arrival gave them only seconds to report to their respective rings adding challenge to the competition.
Even under this pressure our own BSBN Leslie D'Ercole was able to present and out perform her category, scoring three first places and accumulating a perfect (30) points for the championship. Leslie has now won the Adult Female Grand Champion honors twice in as many weeks; the Region 20 Championship in Chula Vista, CA. and the Region 2 Championship in Gilbert, AZ.. ...We salute you!

We also are very proud of TSDKI's Andre's Perez, Cho Dan, for his awesome performance in the extremely tough junior Black Belt category and for his exemplary assistance as a time-keeper for the days other competitions. Congratulations also to Alejandro Perez, 1st Gup, who achieved 1st place in sparring and 3rd place in forms. Well done TSDKI members!

We encourage all our students to participate in championships outside our own Region 20. These additional challenges help to promote skills and allows for meeting others in our WTSDA family. These lessons and experience helps us all to "Reach the Edge of Excellence".
Tang Soo!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Congratulations Region Twenty Championship!

Congratulations to all competitors and families for their participation in the October 11th, 2008 (“Reaching the Edge of Excellence”) Championship.
It was our sincere pleasure to welcome the following WTSDA studios to Chula Vista’s Park Way Gym in our city’s downtown district; United States Karate Academy-San Diego, Allied Gardens Karate Academy-San Diego, The University of California TSD-San Diego, Costal Canyon TSD Club-San Diego, Mountain Lion TSD-Costa Mesa, CA., Caltech University TSD-Pasadena, CA, High Desert TSD-Victorville, CA., Irvine TSD-Irvine, CA., TSD Karate Institute-Chula Vista, CA., Garcia TSD-Tijuana, Mexico, Ryun Ma TSD-Chihuahua, Mexico, Tang Soo Do Juarez, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Ensenada TSD-Ensenada, Mexico.

Our special guest, grand master Jae C. Shin along with some 250+ enthusiastic participants enjoyed a full day of competition and performances. An action filled opening ceremonies included a special tribute in honor of the grandmaster’s visit. A team of 4-8 year olds from the Chula Vista studio presented a unique version of the WTSDA anthem as well as the ever popular “Chipmunks’ Show” all tediously choreographed by BSBN Leslie D'Ercole.

An entertaining “Flamenco Dance” presentation by Corinna Peraza and her talented group of young performers from Tijuana, Mexico added culture and amazing expression to the celebration.

The regional black belt demonstration was yet another opening ceremony surprise. This show, the very first of its kind, involved black belts from all of the region twenty studios. A busy list of martial arts performances and specialties choreographed to a single non-stop 18 minute exhibition treated the crowd to some very dynamic displays of defense techniques, weapons handling, advanced board breaking, and precision skills.

The creativity competition also entertained the audience as the talents of Allied Gardens Karate Academy and the TSD Karate Institute competed for the wining honors. Congratulations to the hard work and commitment of both teams and to first place winner, TSDKI!

Tiny Tiger/ Little Dragon competition was next with a record breaking 50 participants ranging in ages 3-7. Moms, dads, tigers and dragons armed with video cameras surrounded and swamped four different rings dedicated to the category. Each child presented a brief martial art performance followed by the “capture the belts” to the delight of family and friends. All were presented with trophies and participation certificates.

Spirited and fierce Gup competition continued through the day with many inspiring performances by both child and adult. Master of ceremonies, Sig Luther announced the names of the jubilant winners as Master Ken Purnell presented their trophies at podium.

Reaching even higher, the championship stepped up the competition to the next level as the exciting Black Belts categories now took to the floor. Classic, expert and absolutely thrilling competition among our regions best was a treat to behold. Each noteworthy performance and particularly the free-sparring categories left spectators in wonderment of how precise, well controlled and powerfully their abilities were displayed and without any injuries.

The closing ceremonies revealed the highest honors of the event as competition coordinator Master Clare Marsch tallied up the points earned and announce the results of the 2008 Region Twenty Grand Champions.
Jr. Grand Champion Male Gabriel Macedo Allied Gardens TSD San Diego
Jr. Grand Champion Female Crystina Soto Allied Gardens TSD San Diego
Sr. Grand Champion Male Shane Nelson Allied Gardens TSD San Diego
Sr. Grand Champion Female Barbara Bellini TSDKI Chula Vista, CA.
Adult Grand Champion Male Salim Odero UCSD TSD San Diego
Adult Grand Champion Female Leslie D’Ercole TSDKI Chula Vista, CA.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the instructors of each studio for their cooperation and hours of preparing students for the event. We wish to also thank and recognize the many behind the scenes volunteers who have work so feverishly to bring this event to reality. In particular; Aricelli Lona, Stanton Horiuchi, Mae Stoke, Rose Masumoto, Sig Luther, John Cruz, Glen Masumoto, Barbara Belinni, Chat Bunag, Helene Lynch, Olivia Figueroa, Master Clare Marsch, William Glenn, Susan Molina, Michael Cardinal, Mark Schoenberger, When Kwon, and Master Patrick Marsch.
On behalf of all the students and families of Tang Soo Do Karate Institute
We truly congratulate all participants of the 2008 Region Twenty Championship and especially for BSBN Leslie D’Ercole’s devoted efforts to help guide all of us in reaching the edge of excellence!

Tang Soo!
Master Larry D’Ercole