Monday, March 19, 2007


...Do Something Good for a Friend! Invite them to karate classes during the week of April 2-7 for BUDDY WEEK! Your friend will learn the essence of traditional Tang Soo Do training with self-defense techniques and the power of a positive attitude. Its free and special discounts have been authorized for those deciding to continue beyond Buddy Week.. All you have to do is to determine which of your friends would be interested in Tang Soo Do then give him/her the Buddy Week Guest Pass (pick up at the office.)
Your friend will practice in all your classes during Buddy Week. Tang Soo!

Empowerment Self-defense

On March 10th TSDKI hosted the very special Empowerment Self-defense Training session with Dr. Tom Cary and Master Steve Holden of Albuqerque, New Mexico. This all day intensive and informative program provided physiological specifics and no nonsense defense techniques for genuine protection. Dr. Tom Cary explains how to absolutely not become a victim, particularly to those with no previous martial arts training. The program is generally geared toward women and teenage girls, however many of our regional instructors attended the event. We plan to offer this program again in the near future. Special thanks to TSDKI Instructor Sig Luther for organizing the event and thanks again to Dr. Cary and Master Holden. Those interested in the next Empowerment Class may leave a comment on this blog and we will contact you.


It was MOVIE NIGHT at the studio on Friday February 9th. FUN FUN FUN with pizza, pop corn, soft drinks, and hot chocolate all donated for the event. Students, friends and even some parents equipped with their own pillows to enjoyed the classics, "Ninja Turtles II & III". Special thanks Kihana Cordero for donating the projection screen, Barbara Bellini for the pizza, Olivia Figueroa for the pop corn. All movie goers donated $2.00 each of which was turned to a WTSDA building fund donation. Join us for our next Movie Night which will be sometime in June.

Black Belt Promotions

Our February Regional Black Belt Class drew Masters, DAN and Cho DAN Bo members from various points of the Southern California to the Chula Vista Dojang. This refining of skills, polishing of spirits, and nourishing of friendships are part of the instruction that helps to provide leadership training to our seniors and instructors. Included in the session was a DAN presentation ceremony to which we take great honor in announcing that two of our members received official DAN certification. Mr. Sig Luther SAM DAN (left) and Mr. Andres Perez Cho DAN (right). To explain of the years of hard work and the dedication that represents this noble accomplishment is quite difficult. The journey is not an easy one, and more importantly, the journey is ongoing. Congratulations to their achievement and for the their pride they bring to our school and family.

January Gups Promotion

9th Gup: Jeremy Bunag, Anica Bunag.
7th Gup: Ryan Flores, Melissa Avila, Sergio Avila.
6th Gup: Isabel Molina, Erik Morales, Andres Gonzalez,
Adrian Cervantes. 5th Gup: Alejandro Sarmiento.
3rd Gup: Andrea Stoke, Amanda Stone, Perla Stone, Hiram
Ramirez, Oscar Pena, Alejandro Perez, Brandon Nordengreen.

January Dragons Promotion

Congratulation Little Dragons!
Isaiah Mann (green srtipe), Danielle Ferber (green stripe),
Bobby Dutton (brown stripe), Allyson Masumoto (green srtipe),
Jaelen Cruz (yellow belt) and Esteban Lomeli (yellow belt).

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Welcome to our Tang Soo BLOG!

...our latest feature to help keep our members and friends up to date with news and up coming events.
We welcome your comments, interaction, and sharing for the benefit of our ever growing Tang Soo Do Family.

Master Larry Dercole