Sunday, January 30, 2011


Wow! A new year, a new decade, and already a month into it. The time is Now! ...make the most of every moment and achieve your goals!

We ushered in January with our first regional Black Belt class of 2011 at the Chula Vista dojang. Over fifty Masters, DANS and Cho DAN Bo packed the studio to bring in yet another new year (our 34th) with a traditional black belt workout, including an intense Hyung (forms) session. The shoulder-to-shoulder training brought our ever growing TSD family even closer together.

The January 8th black belt class also celebrated new DAN promotions from around the region. Awarded from TSDKI were; Brandon Nordengreen ChoDAN, Jason Ferber ChoDAN, Alejandro Sarmiento ChoDAN, Jeremy Bunag ChoDAN, and Anica Bunag ChoDAN. Parents of the newly promoted Black Belts proudly witnessed their child’s outstanding achievement resulting from an average of five years of martial arts training. As unconditional supporters the parents partnered in the DAN presentation ceremony by surprising their children with a new trimmed uniform to accompany their newly awarded belt and rank. Congratulations and welcome to the WTSDA Black Belt Society!

Continuing on January 27th our studio’s young Tigers and Dragons celebrated their own rank promotion ceremony. For some it was their very first testing and promotion making it an extra special experience. On the 29th a junior GUP examination was held and a fresh new crop of Orange belts sprouted, several transforming from Dragons to GUPS. Way to go Karate Kids!

2011 will continue to be a special year for TSDKI filled with both indoor and outdoor events including the annual Region 20 Championship to be held here in Chula Vista, California on September 25th. In the meantime let’s continue the momentum and remain motivated! Get to class and bring your best attitude. Share your spirit and lend us your enthusiasm for learning and growing. Don’t be wishing for success. Let's be a success!

Master Larry & SBN Leslie Dercole
Tang Soo!!