Thursday, November 12, 2009


Once again TSDKI is pleased, proud and excited to be part of World Tang Soo Do history as members across the continents proclaim the promotion of our Grand Master Shin to 9th DAN. All registered WTSDA members are invited to participate by affixing their signatures to the proclamation document declaring Grand Master Shin as 9th DAN, the highest attainable rank in traditional martial arts. This will be an extraordinary opportunity and an honor like no other.

We are planning to begin the proclamation signing for our members at the next GUP testing dates – Friday, Nov. 20th & Saturday, Nov. 21st. The actual Promotion Ceremony will take place at the opening festivities of the 2010 World Championship event scheduled for July 16-17 in Greensboro, North Carolina. We encourage all members to attend and witness this once in a lifetime experience.

Tang Soo!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

TSDKI recognizes their SENIOR student and VETERAN, Joe Bella. Joe, (72) served as a navy diver during the Vietnam era and the final stages of the Korean War. He was a former TSDKI student 20+ years ago and now has returned to continue his Tang Soo Do journey. Thank you for your service and happy Veterans Day!!
Tang Soo!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Celebrating Tang Soo Do Karate Institute's 32nd Anniversary

Greetings and happy October TSDKI Team, Families, and Friends:
October is recognized as our Studio's Anniversary month and 2009 marks our 32nd year here at the same location. It seems like only yesterday but in hindsight we have had thousands of families that have trained here at this site for over three decades now. To celebrate we are planning a good old fashioned Anniversary/Halloween Party/Potluck. The celebration will take place at the studio on Saturday evening October 24th starting at 6:00pm with games, music, food, and a performance of our 2009 Demo Team. Be sure to wear your Halloween costume and bring some yummy dish to share (potluck). Friends, family, and of course any members from the past are all invited.

"Embracing the tradition of spirit, the discipline of dedication, and the art of achievement"
--- Master Larry D'Ercole

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Beach Classes

It's Tang Soo Summer Time!
Please take note of our beach class schedule.
All classes will be meet by the Imperial Beach Pier.
Line up 8:00am - concludes 9:30am.
Wear dobohk pants, belt, tennis shoes, and our school T-shirt.
Bring your weapons and water bottle!!

Black Belt and Cho Dan Bo
June 27th - July 18th - August 8th

GUP Students
July 11th - August 1st - September 5th

Tang Soo!!
Master Larry Dercole & BSBN Leslie Dercole

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leslie Salinas D'Ercole Master Candidate

Instructor Leslie Salinas D'Ercole has recently returned from the 20th WTSDA's Masters Camp, a four day training and testing program held in Florence, Alabama led by grandmaster Jae C. Shin. She became one of a very select group to receive the camp invitation from the Grandmaster identifying her as an official candidate for the masters rank. Joined with 135 other candidates and masters from around the world, instructor Leslie shared in numerous lectures and training sessions offered by many of our talented WTSDA masters. Being no stranger to intensity, Leslie arrive at camp prepared for the exhausting demands but was soon humbled to become part of and interacting with the masters and candidates group. She just was herself expressing her passion for Tang Soo Do and desire of becoming the best leader she possibly can. At the camp graduation ceremony Leslie was presented the prestigious "Masters Camp Spirit Award" in recognition of her exemplary Tang Soo Do spirit. When asked how she felt about the award, Leslie replied, "I have been honored for life". All of us at Tang Soo Do Karate Institute are equally honored and proud of her very special accomplishment. Tang Soo!

Master Larry Dercole
6th Dan

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day Beach Class!

Dear Tang Soo Do members:
On Saturday, February 14th TSDKI students will celebrate Valentine's Day by showing their love and friendship to nature with a morning beach class at Imperial Beach!!

Our special Valentine's Day class begins at 9:00am with line up formation next to the I.B. Pier. Class ends by noon.
Arrive with your dobohk, tennis shoes, staff (bong), sword (jang gum). Bring water and a snack. !!!

Master Larry & BSBN Leslie D'Ercole