Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Regional Black Belt Examination

Our regional Black Belt examination is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th. Candidates that have received their instructors recommendation for testing will present themselves in front of a panel of senior masters of the World Tang Soo Do Association for a grueling 5-7 hour review. The event will be held at Tang Soo Do Karate Institute (1:00 pm) and involve candidates from San Diego, Huntington Beach, Victorville and Chula Vista. Mr. Erik Stoke (12) and Mr. Anthony Gonzalez (13), both of TSDKI have been training diligently and without interruption for over four years and are among the dedicated group of this testing cycle. The test includes a one hour written test and each candidates will present 1,000 words thesis followed by several hours of technical skills and endurance. We won't say "good luck" but we will wish them strength, energy, wisdom and spirit during their attempt to achieve their goal of Black Belt.
Tang Soo!
(Saturday, May 12th 1:00 PM @ TSDKI 2260 Main St. Chula Vista, CA)

Monday, April 16, 2007

On Saturday, April 28th we will begin our 2007 OUTDOOR CLASSES series. Training with nature is an essential element of our Tang Soo Do and helps for a better understanding of the martial arts spirit. All students are to report for class 11:30 AM sharp at the Mountain Hawk Park in Eastern Chula Vista (see directions below). The class requires all students to wear a T-shirt, karate uniform, belt, hat, and tennis shoes. Students should also bring a snack and a bottle of water. Mountain Hawk Park is one of Chula Vista's newest, overlooking Otay Lakes with a majestic view of the Eastern Mountains. Families may plan on staying after the class concludes at 2:00 PM to enjoy the hi-tech playground and the pop-jets that spouts water for children to play in.
Arrive at the Park 11:30 AM.
Directions: Take Orange Ave./ Olympic Parkway and head east out to Otay Lake. The park is located on Lake Crest Drive near Wueste Rd. just beyond the ARCO Olympic Training Center.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Question-of -the-Month April 2007

Attention TSDKI students:
Your April Question-of-the-Month assignment is now available at the front desk. Please pick up your and complete by next week. Thanks to BSBN Sig Luther for providing this month assignment. Tang Soo!

1. How long ago did you start to train in Tang Soo Do?

2. What was the reason you started to train in Tang Soo Do?

3. Is the reason you continue to train in Tang Soo Do the same as the reason you started to train
in Tang Soo Do? Please explain.

18th Annual USA Masters Camp

April 1st.
One hundred and thirty-three WTSDA masters and candidates from around the world including Master Larry Dercole assembled at the University of North Alabama in Florence for the 18th WTSDA Masters Camp. This 56 hour annual program included intense training on numerous topics including Qi-Gong, acupuncture, sword mastery, kendo, nutrition, joint health and hyung, just to name a few. The program is directed by Grandmaster J. C. Shin and is the main vehicle to maintain uniformity and standards throughout our world's organization. Attending this event is by invitation only and a requirement for maintaining rank and promotion within our WTSDA. The growth of the WTSDA has generated the need to establish two additional camps held which are also held annually - the European Masters Camp held in Germany and the Latin American Masters Camp held in Argentina. The WTSDA Board-of-Directors meeting also coinciding with the camp provides the opportunity to discuss and vote on important issues. One isuue this year was the establishing of "World Tang Soo Do Day" a festive celebrating our family membership around the world. The kickoff for this event will be this coming November when WTSDA celebrates its 25th year anniversary. Stay tuned for our plans for this event.

Celebrating Recent Rank Promotions !

Saturday, March 24th.
With the pride of accomplishment and the confidence to challenge further, we congratulate the following students on their recent testing and rank promotion:

Little Dragons
Bobby Dutton Yellow/ red stripe
Diana Tello Yellow/ red stripe
Allyson Masumoto Yellow/ brown stripe
Danielle Ferber Yellow/ brown stripe
Isaiah Mann Yellow/ brown stripe
Jaelen Cruz Yellow/orange stripe
Elizabeth Flores Yellow
Cesar Zarza Yellow
Giovanna Villasenor Yellow

Yu GUP Ja (GUP holders)
Jeremy Bunag 8th GUP, Anica Bunag 8th GUP, Juzenne Cruz 8th GUP, Kiahna Cordero 7th GUP, Oscar Franco 7th GUP, Oscar Pineda 7th GUP,
Angelo D'Ercole 6th GUP, Adrian Roman 5th GUP, Adam Cervantes 5th GUP,
Alexis Stoke 4th GUP, Amanda Masumoto 4th GUP, Jason Ferber
4th GUP, Jose Tello 4th GUP, Jose Figueroa 3rd GUP,
Erik Berumen 2nd GUP, Efren Roman 2nd GUP, Israel Gomez
1st GUP, Jordan Hagadone 1st GUP, Eric Flores 1st GUP.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

2006 World Championship DVD and Photos

Just released! The 2006 WTSDA WC DVD is now available. The quality is the best to date and is a collectors item, particularly if you were a WC participant. Our supply is going fast so if you want to reserve your copy please contact the school office. Price: $20.00.

You are also invited to view the 2006 World Championship photo album. http://www.worldtangsoodo.com/events/championship/2006/gallery/index.asp