Monday, March 19, 2007

Black Belt Promotions

Our February Regional Black Belt Class drew Masters, DAN and Cho DAN Bo members from various points of the Southern California to the Chula Vista Dojang. This refining of skills, polishing of spirits, and nourishing of friendships are part of the instruction that helps to provide leadership training to our seniors and instructors. Included in the session was a DAN presentation ceremony to which we take great honor in announcing that two of our members received official DAN certification. Mr. Sig Luther SAM DAN (left) and Mr. Andres Perez Cho DAN (right). To explain of the years of hard work and the dedication that represents this noble accomplishment is quite difficult. The journey is not an easy one, and more importantly, the journey is ongoing. Congratulations to their achievement and for the their pride they bring to our school and family.

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