Sunday, November 4, 2007

Celebrating our WTSDA's 25th Silver Anniversary

On November 24th our studio celebrated (as did many Association studios everywhere) our organization's milestone accomplishment of 25 years with a special birthday party. Friends and family joined in with special activities and a potluck. Memories and history of WTSDA were displayed (courtesy of the WTSDA 25th Anniversary DVD) and a WTSDA anthem singing lesson was led by BSBN Leslie Dercole. The party continued with a spirited 25 year board-breaking session. Boards were symbolically marked for each year beginning with 1982 as our students assembled by seniority for the break. Special dedication plaques were presented to our outstanding instructors Sig Luther and Barbara Bellini recognizing their long and continue devotion to our dojang. A balloon stomp game and line dancing got everyone up out of their chairs and onto the floor. A birthday cake put the icing on this unique family fun celebration. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to our worldwide family.

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Tom said...

Master Dercole,

As part of our studio's celebration of the 25th Anniversary,
we watched the anniversary DVD, and noticed your comments in the video.

I can only imagine how interesting and exciting it must have been to be present in Philadelphia that weekend 25 years ago. Your students are very fortunate to be able to have such a link to the roots of the WTSDA.

Tang Soo!!!!