Friday, April 13, 2012


Congratulations to Tang Soo Do Karate Institute's newly promoted Master Leslie Salinas D'Ercole. She, along with seven other 4th DAN Instructors, was presented the coveted 4th DAN Masters rank at the recent WTSDA Masters Clinic held at the University of Northern Alabama in Florence, Al., USA. Her achievement is the result that spans more than 21 years of training in the martial arts throughout her native country of Chile and the United States.

A demanding and no nonsense training attitude had gained Master Leslie numerous competition trophies and grand championship titles through the years. To attain an invitation to the WTSDA Masters Clinic one must be selected by legendary Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, president of the
World Tang Soo Do Association. Only Third Degree Black Belts with high achievements and impeccable training record requirements are invited as master candidates. The annual Masters Clinic is typically attended by more than one hundred ranking masters and candidates from around the world. Her intensity during her first year attending the clinic in 2009, had actually won her the admirable recognition of the "Masters Sprit Award". After several years of the master's training process she was officially presented and ceremonially knighted as 4th DAN Master.

Master Leslie's strict approach to training also extends to her teaching and has influenced her many students. As a result during her eleven years living in the United States, many more females have been encouraged to train in the martial arts. Master Leslie is an extraordinary martial artist and a true example that hard work, passion and dedication achieves excellence. We salute your accomplishment. Tang Soo!!

Master Larry D'Ercole