Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Regional Black Belt Examination

Our regional Black Belt examination is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th. Candidates that have received their instructors recommendation for testing will present themselves in front of a panel of senior masters of the World Tang Soo Do Association for a grueling 5-7 hour review. The event will be held at Tang Soo Do Karate Institute (1:00 pm) and involve candidates from San Diego, Huntington Beach, Victorville and Chula Vista. Mr. Erik Stoke (12) and Mr. Anthony Gonzalez (13), both of TSDKI have been training diligently and without interruption for over four years and are among the dedicated group of this testing cycle. The test includes a one hour written test and each candidates will present 1,000 words thesis followed by several hours of technical skills and endurance. We won't say "good luck" but we will wish them strength, energy, wisdom and spirit during their attempt to achieve their goal of Black Belt.
Tang Soo!
(Saturday, May 12th 1:00 PM @ TSDKI 2260 Main St. Chula Vista, CA)

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