Thursday, April 5, 2007

Celebrating Recent Rank Promotions !

Saturday, March 24th.
With the pride of accomplishment and the confidence to challenge further, we congratulate the following students on their recent testing and rank promotion:

Little Dragons
Bobby Dutton Yellow/ red stripe
Diana Tello Yellow/ red stripe
Allyson Masumoto Yellow/ brown stripe
Danielle Ferber Yellow/ brown stripe
Isaiah Mann Yellow/ brown stripe
Jaelen Cruz Yellow/orange stripe
Elizabeth Flores Yellow
Cesar Zarza Yellow
Giovanna Villasenor Yellow

Yu GUP Ja (GUP holders)
Jeremy Bunag 8th GUP, Anica Bunag 8th GUP, Juzenne Cruz 8th GUP, Kiahna Cordero 7th GUP, Oscar Franco 7th GUP, Oscar Pineda 7th GUP,
Angelo D'Ercole 6th GUP, Adrian Roman 5th GUP, Adam Cervantes 5th GUP,
Alexis Stoke 4th GUP, Amanda Masumoto 4th GUP, Jason Ferber
4th GUP, Jose Tello 4th GUP, Jose Figueroa 3rd GUP,
Erik Berumen 2nd GUP, Efren Roman 2nd GUP, Israel Gomez
1st GUP, Jordan Hagadone 1st GUP, Eric Flores 1st GUP.

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