Monday, May 26, 2008

Tiny Tigers & Little Dragons Promotion!

Giordano D'Ercole,Guillermo Paquian, Marina Ballesteros,
Mairead Perez, Jason Washington ,
Aidan Perez and Dillan Lauzon.

Congratulations to our youngest members for their new rank promotion! On May 16th, the Tigers & Dragons group (aged 3 to 6 years ) demonstrated their skills and fulfilled the requirements for their respective ranks.
Also, special appreciation to Jeremy Bunag, Anica Bunag and Erik Morales. Their assistance is a reflection of their leadership potential.

Keep up the excellent work and enthusiasm,and achieve your next goal!

1 comment:

Diego said...

Congratulations Kids!!!
I remember when i did my fisrt gup exam, i was 7 years old, and was special because we have de visit of the grandmaster Jae C.Shin. It was very cool..
Im From Mazataln, Sinaloa Mexico. buy now im living in tijuana, too close to San Diego....