Monday, June 2, 2008


A May 23rd Rank promotion review yielded high marks and high spirit in performance and character from several of our institutes finest members. The young and confident artists presented their required and demanding skills while demonstrating wonderful manners as proud parents looked on. Awesome!!
Congratulations to; (1st GUP) Alexis Stoke, Brandon Nordengreen, Jason Ferber, Amanda Masumoto, Jose Figueroa, (2nd GUP) Jose Tello, (3rd GUP) Brian Mitchell, (4th GUP) Oscar Pineda, Oscar Franco, (6th GUP)Sulema Barajas, Danielle Ferber, Allyson Masumoto, (7th GUP) Diane Tello, Andres Espinoza, and (9th GUP) Ryan Mayoral.

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